Friday, October 30, 2015

Contemplating Writing

Contemplating writing. I have bumped into a few of my writings lately cleaning out files. I read it with my usual feeling I get of, "I WROTE this??"  All my life, when writing, stuff comes out that I have no recollection of. I work the words until they match the images in my mind, and then it's "perfect" and I'm done. I guess like how composers get the music down on paper? (Disclaimer: I don't compose music. AT ALL).

Blogs are many things. There's a lot of "advice" about them from "experts." But advice can only be given with the end in mind. Profit? Recognition? Brand-building? Soap boxing? How about Pure Joy? I'm going to Google that ... (2 mins later)... Hm, very, very little comes up in the search "Blogging for Pure Joy."

In English class, they called it "voice." What "voice" is the "piece" written in? Who's talking? Who is the voice talking TO? .... which leads to "...will anyone listen?" What if they won't? Will I care? Can I take my own mental commentary about how that potentially reflects my worth as a human being? I could lock it down, and write only FOR ME. Abe says do things just for the joy of it.

And so I turn my attention beyond my own thoughts and ASK (...and it is given, ha ha)

J. But what to write about?
A. "Whatever I want."
J. But where to put it?
A. Out there.
J. But what's the Bucket?
J. But .... but ....
A."You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." (the quote is read in The Secret)
J. I don't feel qualified.
A. To be you?
J. No, to post it on the internet.
A. Idiots post to the internet, don't sweat it.
J. But what if they SEE me?
A. Right. What if they SEE you and your decades of thinking / processing / functioning OUT OF THE BOX and why things go so well for you... You say your son is a social experiment in raising a human being by simply doing one's best to get out of it's way, while keeping it safe from harm and modeling how to get along here on Earth. BUT WHAT ABOUT YOU? YOU'RE THE PREQUEL (sequel... prequel...)
J. Nailed.
J. OK but I get tired of my own wordiness sometimes. I enjoy the pouring out of it all, but it becomes tedious to sift back through it. Certainly if I do, others will too.
A. What do you enjoy? (about reading my own writing)
J. The Clarity. The timing, the wit. The keen observations - ooh that's cliche - the sharp focus on something not previously distinguished that way.
A. So... the Clarity. The Clarity of something that came into focus in a way that only you have expressed quite like it ever before.
J. Nailed. I HEAR the value.
A. Yup.

J. So is a good place for this?
A. Well sure... your favorite paleo recipe girl Mel posts paleo-world famous stuff to something called, "The Clothes Make the Girl"
J. Hm. Right-o.
A. Don't overthink it.

J. So what do I post? I "hid" the previous ones, except how the blog was born.
A. This.

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